No Medicine Can Change Our Thought Process, it Can be Changed With The Help Of Counselling and Therapy Only.

Dr. Kashika Jain


• Addiction is a psychological need to do something, to the point where it could be harmful to you.

• Addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs but it's possible to be addicted to anything, such as:

Work — workaholics are obsessed with their work to the extent that they suffer physical exhaustion. If your relationship, family and social life are suffering and you never take holidays, you may be a work addict.

Computers & Mobile— as computer & Mobile use has increased, so too has computer & Mobile addiction. People may spend hours each day and night surfing the internet or playing games while neglecting other aspects of their lives.

Shopping — shopping becomes an addiction when you buy things you don't need or want in order to achieve a buzz.

• Counselling and therapy is an effective solution of Addiction.

• All psychological problems arise due to our thought process and there is no medicine which can change our thought process. Thought process can be changed by Counselling and Therapy.

• Through counselling and therapy we can manage our thought process and boost our mood.

• Dr. Kashika Jain is an expert in this field and she is known as “Best Counsellor for Addiction” and “Best Psychologist for Addiction”

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